About Delavau

We combine our extensive experience in calcium with analysis and creativity to bring you innovative, custom solutions. Our industry-leading technologies have set an unmatched standard of excellence in product development, research, and analytics.

Our Company

Major brands rely on Delavau Pharmaceutical Partners for contract manufacturing of VMS and OTC products. With large-scale, turnkey offerings, Delavau can seamlessly extend your production capacity by delivering precision and value, from source to seal.

Our Mission

We are driven by innovation to deliver high-quality products, solutions, and services for a healthier future.

Our Story

A contract manufacturer of VMS and OTC pharmaceutical products, Delavau Pharmaceutical Partners upholds the integrity of the brands it supports.

Since 1847, Delavau has developed its pharmaceutical expertise and, today, applies that expertise by serving as a partner to leading OTC and VMS brands. Delavau applies its expertise as a contract manufacturer to efficiently and reliably turn new innovations and custom formulations into shelf-ready coated tablets, chewables, and over-the-counter products.

Our Story

As experts in the formulation and manufacturing of vitamins, supplements, and OTC pharmaceuticals, Delavau partners with customers at all stages of product development and production—from source to seal. And, with its continuous manufacturing capabilities, Delavau is the first in its class to offer unparalleled uniformity among products.

Our Story

Flexible and reliable, Delavau combines expertise, innovation, and capability to take products from concept to finished good, with exact batch sizes and dosage forms. Beginning with sourcing of high-quality materials, such as calcium carbonate and other minerals, Delavau applies patented granulation technologies to achieve optimal throughput. Delavau continuously blends ingredients for pure precision—achieving optimal uniformity—then compresses tablets to a preferred size for a consistent finished product, for a consistent, relied upon brand.

Our Values

Customer focus

Customers are the lifeblood of our company. We focus on the needs of our external and internal customers. We strive to provide solutions that help our customers succeed, aiming to deliver the highest quality products, services, and value.

Our Values


We achieve our best results by working together to create a safe, productive, and fun environment. We build open and honest relationships while working across departmental boundaries to ensure that we are delivering the best products and service to our customers.

Our Values


Our path to industry leadership is paved by innovation. We have the curiosity, passion, and courage to push for new ideas.

Our Values


We hold ourselves accountable—and with a high sense of urgency—to the commitments we make every day to our customers, coworkers, and vendors. We take personal responsibility for our actions, decisions, and results.

Our Values


Delavau is a principled company that can be counted on to do what is right.

Our Values

Respect for the individual

Each Delavau employee brings a unique mixture of talents, backgrounds, experiences, and ideas. Our people are the cornerstone of our success. We strive to give each employee the opportunity to learn, grow, and advance as a person and a professional.


Our seasoned management team brings an array of experience and expertise to the development of your product. Our highly experienced team brings years of expertise from a variety of Fortune 500 companies.

John Burrows
VP of Research & Development
Raya Levin
VP of Sales & Marketing
Sam Michini
VP of Quality & Regulatory
Curt Pagano
Chief Financial Officer
Ana Ajose


Founded by Joseph William Smith Delavau in 1847, Delavau has been dedicated to nutritional well-being for over a century. Acquired by a growing family enterprise in the 1930s, Delavau transitioned into pharmaceutical manufacturing and then expanded in vitamin, minerals, and supplements from the 1970s to the 2000s. Always innovating, Delavau is the first VMS and OTC contract manufacturer to move forward with continuous manufacturing and is consistently leveraging its expertise and knowledge to build breakthrough products for the future.

HBM Holdings

HBM Holdings is the parent company of Delavau Pharmaceutical Partners. An investment and management company, HBM acquires, supports, and operates middle-market businesses. The HBM strategy is to grow a diversified portfolio using a long-term buy and build approach. HBM provides professional management expertise, financial resources, and high-potential human capital to accelerate their growth.

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