Delavau General Manager Jay Jones Featured on Engineering Convention Panel

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – September 19, 2016 – An expert with more than 30 years of experience in pharmaceutical operations management, Jay Jones, General Manager of Delavau Pharmaceutical Partners was a featured panelist on Continuous Manufacturing and Product Development at the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering 2016 annual meeting.jay

Widely recognized as the future of the VMS and OTC industry, continuous manufacturing incorporates quality control directly into the process design. The process minimizes handling of materials and product, which reduces the potential for human error and increases consistency of tablet size and weight. As a result, tablets delivered through Delavau’s Quality by Design-based continuous manufacturing process are of the utmost quality and uniformity.

The Delavau team recognized continuous manufacturing as an emerging technology within the VMS and OTC industry. In conjunction with Rutgers University and with the support of its parent company, HBM Holdings, Delavau made a significant multi-year capital investment to implement continuous manufacturing in its Philadelphia facility.

“Delavau is well ahead of the learning curve, as most contract manufacturers are still in the research phase of continuous manufacturing,” Jones said. “Delavau is the only contract manufacturer of OTC and VMS products actually using the technology in our day-to-day processes.”

For more on Delavau’s continuous manufacturing capabilities, click here.

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