OTC Expertise

Delavau Pharmaceutical Partners applies our calcium expertise in the formulation and production of granular calcium, calcium-based antacids, digestive aids, and more.

Over-the-counter Innovation

OTC brands rely on Delavau Pharmaceutical Partners because of our decades of expertise in formulating, manufacturing, and innovating with calcium and other minerals to deliver pure ingredients and packaged products with speed and precision. Having worked with thousands of VMS and OTC brands, from MLMs to Fortune 500 companies, Delavau has built both a breadth and depth of experience developing, formulating, granulating, and tableting with one of the most label-friendly binders used today: calcium.

OTC Services

  • Product development and laboratory services
  • Complex composition granulation, with 20% reduction in tablet size
  • Flavor-masking for antacids and other chewables

Take your product from concept to packaged good with Delavau

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