VMS Know-How

We harness our broad array of experience working with leading vitamin, mineral, and supplement (VMS) brands to provide unprecedented contract manufacturing capabilities.

Calcium Expertise

Delavau offers unique technology and manufacturing for calcium products, such as calcium supplementation, antacids, and granulation. In addition to providing full turnkey manufacturing services—from source to seal—Delavau Pharmaceutical Partners offers granulated, blended, and tableted calcium.

VMS Services

Product development and laboratory services
Complex composition granulation, resulting in 20% reduction in tablet size
Granulations can be packaged in supersacks and drums
Flavor-masking for chewable vitamins and tablets
Nutrient blending to compound calcium’s benefits


A full turnkey contract manufacturer, Delavau combines its expertise, innovation, and capability to take product from concept to packaged good.


Each day, Delavau applies and builds upon our product expertise, as evidenced by the more than 40 active patents we hold in R&D and manufacturing. Working in partnership with leading universities, we continue to improve upon manufacturing best practices, a commitment exemplified by our continuous manufacturing capabilities. So, whether our customers seek a partner in product development or a contract manufacturer to take their latest innovation from idea to packaged product, we have both the facilities and capabilities to accelerate their speed-to-market.

Tablet Size Reduction

Our patented granulation technologies reduce the size of calcium tablets 20%, while achieving optimal absorption functionality.

U.S. Patent Nos. 8617619; 8609140; 8603544; 8440236; 7883552; 7850988; 7807125; 7695528; 7198653; 8663706; 8668936; 8697142; 8709499; 8741355; 8784902

Private Label

A turnkey contract manufacturer, Delavau works with private label brands to develop, manufacture, package, and ship private label vitamins, minerals, supplements, and over the counter pharmaceuticals. In addition to the convenience of turnkey capabilities, Delavau maintains strict quality and safety standards, delivering a familiar product that consumers seek and trust.

Take your product from source to seal with Delavau

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